Shop reopening after Covid-19

QUILTERS MARK YOUR CALENDARS: we are finally going to gradually reopen the shop , following all the rules/guidelines that the various health authorities have prescribed.

We will be open Tuesdays and Thursdays 11-3 and Saturdays Noon - 4, schedule starts Tuesday June 2nd. We will gradually get back to our pre-Covid schedule.

******Staff will be taking all the precautions we are requiring of our customers.******

We have removed some displays to free up more space near the till and a handy husband has installed a plexiglass shield.

Our debit/credit machine now has TAP! We are trying to avoid cash for now.

BEFORE COMING TO THE SHOP , please read through the following guidelines, requests and rules.

Please self assess - if you have any symptoms of illness or have been exposed to any one who may have it, please stay home.

Only 4 customers in the store at one time. All customers MUST correctly wear a mask, but NO GLOVES.

If you forget a mask, we have a very limited number of disposable masks and we will sell you one for $2.00

There will be bottles of sanitizer at the door and around the store. Please use them, because no one shops with their eyes. Our sanitizer is from a commercial 20 litre barrel - and it has a very alcohol industrial odour which dissipates but we are trying to overcome with it with essential oils. If you would prefer to use your own, nicer smelling sanitizer, feel free to do so. We will be wiping down counters , tools , handles, etc as required.

Bib n’ Tucker shares washroom space with a small commercial office. A necessary but a less than ideal situation at the best of times. We have a basket of bathroom supplies for you to use as each business is providing their own. Our basket has all the basic necessities, but the fabric towel has been replaced with a roll of paper towelling and there are sanitizing wipes for the surfaces and hand sanitizer that you can use before and after using the facilities.

Please respect other customers by keeping 6ft from them. If someone is shopping in the exact area you want to access, please wait your turn.

Please do not crowd the staff at the cutting table - if you can, please measure your project if you are needing us to calculate border yardage, backing required etc. Don’t forget to write your calculations down before you come!