BNT is closing in late 2023

MESSAGE FROM GAIL (who largely works from home these days)

You’ve likely heard bits and pieces of what I am about to clarify for you.

Our lease is up in February 2024 and the developer’s building plans for all 3 lots (goodbye Vinnie’s and Salty’s) should be approved around that time. The state of my health and being put on the surgical wait list for a new shoulder (the other side!) has made me sit up and listen to what the universe (and my husband) have been telling me - “ YOU HAVE REACHED YOUR BEST BEFORE DATE”. Can’t believe I have been in business for 23 years and that we moved to our current location in March 2015.

So we came up with a tentative plan - close around the end of September (closing later in the winter sounded awful). We can still order in special items until June or July as long as our suppliers have it in stock, ready to ship. Keep that in mind if you want full bolts of basics (like black or white solids), rolls of batting, wide premium muslins, etc.

Since December, we have been informing gift certificate purchasers (and marking each GC that they should be redeemed by June). If you have one, why not use it now?

I have it in the back of my head that I may be able have an online store with batik precuts and kits. Hubby has started clearing and cleaning his workshop (AKA the garage) to facilitate this. But realistically, at this point in time , I can’t sew because of the new shoulder and the need for a new one on the other side (rotary cutting is a big NO GO.). The retina I had reattached last February is performing quite well for distance but my reading vision is best described as wonky. I can only read about 2 pages of a book at a time and then the good eye gets tired of compensating. Sewing a straight line in the right place just doesn’t happen. Jigsaw puzzles (which I have loved since I was a kid) will have to have huge , colourful pieces. Arthritis in my wrist and thumbs limits lots of activities. And now you know why I am seldom in the shop. Trust me, I would rather be there. I miss all the people contact , seeing customers as they they start and complete their quilts. And the COLOUR - I miss being surrounded by colour . This winter has been quite grey and uninteresting from my recliner.

The one bright spot in all of this has been my wonderful staff, especially Susan Mc.

To lift a line from an old radio show: AND NOW YOU KNOW THE REST OF THE STORY.